Be Informed!

Know Your Alerts

Knowing how authorities will make notifications and where to get information during a disaster is the first step in preparing.

  • The San Bernardino County Fire, Office of Emergency Services utilizes the Telephone Emergency Notification System (TENS) to notify residents of impending dangers. While the system has the ability to call landlines, individuals must sign up to receive text notifications on their mobile phones.
  • In a disaster that affects the entire county, the San Bernardino County Fire, Office of Emergency Services may utilize the Emergency Alert System/Wireless Emergency Alert (EAS/WEA) to make notifications to county residents via television/radio broadcasts or mobile devices.


*The County of San Bernardino utilizes multiple ways to notify residents of impending danger, but residents should not wait for or rely exclusively on any single notification system. If you are concerned about your safety and welfare, please evacuate.

Know Your Threats/Hazards

Every community is different and possesses unique threats and hazards that may affect it. Discover if your home or business is at risk for Upland’s three greatest threats (Earthquake, Wildfire and Flood) by visiting Cal OES, My Hazards.

 Visit the related links to discover what you can do before during and after each type of emergency.

·       Earthquake

·       Active Shooter

·       Wildfire

·       Power Outages

·       Flood

·       HAZMAT Incident

·       Thunderstorms/Lightning

·       Bioterrorism

·       Extreme Heat

·       Nuclear Blast


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