Lane Closure Application

Lane Closure Application

How do I apply for a Lane closure permit?

Partial and Full lane closures are reviewed, processed and approved through Public Works Land Development & Transportation Division at City Hall. See below for application.

If a lane closure permit does not accompany an Encroachment permit then insurance will need to be provided when application is submitted.

What is needed for a lane closure permit?

Lane closure permit applications along with a traffic control plan will need to be submitted and approved whenever any traffic lane is to be affected.

-Sidewalk closures are also considered a closure and will need to be reviewed.

Manuals allowed for non site specific traffic control: WATCH Manual (Work Area Traffic Control Handbook) or MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) CJUTCM (California Joint Utility Traffic Control Manual).

What are the costs?

Closure Permit Fees: Partial $450.00, Full $450.00 – plus inspection time.



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