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2020 State of the City Presentation

The 2020 State of the City is a program that generally showcases the City’s 2019 activities.  A majority of the filming had been completed by March 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic became a household word and Californians were ordered by the Governor to stay at home to minimize the spread of this deadly virus.  The pandemic brought new challenges seemingly overnight.  Our Chamber partner postponed the State of the City event to May, hopeful restrictions would loosen.  The Chamber reluctantly canceled the program altogether. 

As some of the restrictions were lifted, the City was able to complete the filming.  The pandemic has changed all of our lives significantly.  We were compelled to add some material to the video.  Our video production company the Kids Sport News Network (KSNN) did a fantastic job under difficult conditions on this community production.

Working with the KSNN and Upland Chamber, Mayor Debbie Stone, City Council Member Ricky Felix, Janice Elliott, Bill Velto, Rudy Zuniga and I are proud to present the 2020 State of the City reflecting on the State of our City for the year ending 2019 with a nod to the challenges the City faced in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please enjoy.

Rosemary Hoerning, PE, PLS, MPA

City Manager


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